Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Easy Tips To Stop Facebook Spam Up To 70%

Facebook is still one of the main targets of spammers, scammers, and cyber criminals to find and fool people.
Average Internet users are still have no idea and have no knowledge of the risk of using social media sites like Facebook. So, if you are not careful enough, you could be the next victim of spam messages, threats messages, deception and bullying.
Bad things that can happen in the real world, also can occur in the cyber world.
It is even more egregious, because the Internet nature that is public and any information can be known by many people in a short time.

Easy Tips To Stop Facebook Spam

Here are 5 tips for you to avoid and reduce / stop Facebook spam

1. Never Write / Show Your Email Address and Phone Number

Never write / show your personal email address and phone number on your Facebook profile. I recommend you to create a special email for business purpose that is separate from your personal email and you can write it on Facebook
The same thing applied to your phone number. You should get a phone number for business purpose that separate from your personal number. But if you only have 1 email and 1 phone number, then I suggest you to NOT write them up.

2. Never Play Any Games With Your Primary Account

Do you play games on Facebook? Yes, I am too. But the more games you are playing, then the more spam from these games are adorning your wall and your message.
In the beginning when you play games, you probably will not feel disturbed for the game's posts and invites that appears in your profile and news feeds. But over time, it would be very annoying and also damaging the look of your profile and news feed. Why? Because these games applications can perform dozens of wall posts and news feed updates per day.
       Can you imagine if your friend or family or even your boss saw your profile with full of games posts?
Therefore, I suggest you to create another Facebook account with another email address that is separate from your personal one if you want to play some games on Facebook.
Just create a new email in Yahoo or Gmail and register new account on Facebook with that email address. So the spam from games is only on your game account, not on your personal account.

3. Never Confirm Any Suspicious Friend Request

Got many friend requests and about to confirm all? For the known friends, it's ok. But if you don't know the person, do not confirm them yet. I suggest you to view their profile first and do not confirm (or rather choose ignore) if there are any of 2 things below on their account :
- Photo of sexy woman in the profile picture.
Did you know that it is easy for the spammers, scammers and cyber criminals to create dozens of Facebook accounts with photos of sexy women or pictures of women with underwear as bait, so you confirm their friend request?
- Little to no information on their profile
Have you ever seen a Facebook profile which only contains "Interested In", "Sex", and "Relationship Status" before you confirm them as your friend?
Well, with profile like this, there is a chance that they are spammer. You might want to confirm the friend request to see their full info. If you still see the same or no additional info on the profile, just click "Unfriend" at the bottom of left sidebar to prevent any unwanted things.

4. Change Your Privacy Settings

If you have not ever change it, I suggest you to do it immediately, so you can control what and who can access certain information. This is how to change Facebook privacy setting

5. Leave Any Groups, Remove Any Apps, and Unlike Any Fan Page That Send You Spam.

If you get a lot of spam on the wall and / or in inbox, investigate whether the spam is from groups, fan pages or apps. If a group or a fan page send messages or did many wall posts that do not fit with the topic (ie: fan page about wedding, but you are sent a message about the MLM), then most likely it's a spammer.
Leave any groups, remove any apps, and unlike any fan page that send you spam.
1. Go to Account - Privacy Settings.
At the bottom left there's section named "Apps and Websites". Click "Edit your Settings", then click "Edit Settings" under the "Apps you use." Remove anything that you think spammy.
If this is your main account, then you might want to consider remove any games that send you a lot of spam. But it's should be better to remove all games in your main account and do tips #2 above.
2. Go to Account - Edit Friends and leave any group that send you spam.
3. Finally, go to your profile and look at "Activities and Interests" section. Review all things in there. All fan page you like is in "Other". So if you think there is any spammy fan page, then just unlike it.


You may be asked whether the above 5 tips to stop Facebook spam are effective? Well, it is certain that the 5 tips above at most can reduce Facebook spam on your main account up to 70%. But spam is always there and it's almost impossible to eliminate them 100%.
Well if you know any other ways, please drop your comment below and I will add / update my tips and give you a credit. Thank you 5 Easy Tips To Stop Facebook Spam Up To 70% | icon smile picture

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google+ Ready To Beat Facebook In ​​Social Network Duel

Google+ seems to be Google's last attempt to keep 'playing' in the arena of social media.
Google+ has not officially released to the public, but in early of July 2011, the Internet giant was giving very limited invitations to a number of people to sign up as beta tester, try it out, and give some feedback.
As we already know too that if Google release a new product or new service, then it will be integrated with Google's  several other products and services.
Similarly, Google+ is said to be integrated with hundreds of Google's other products and services on the internet.

Friends of Zuckerberg on Google+ are mostly Facebook employees. Among these are Facebook CTO Arjun Banker and Facebook product manager Justin Shaffer.
By looking at the photo on his profile, Zuckerberg looks grim. Does he really felt that Google+ is a threat to Facebook?

Share Different Stuff To Different People

According to Vic Gundotra, Google's Senior Vice President of Social, social media services on the internet is still far from people's expectation, especially the concept of sharing, as quoted from his posting on Google's official blog,
"Today, the connections between people increasingly happen online. Yet the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions are lost in the rigidness of our online tools."
"We’d like to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. We want to make Google better by including you, your relationships, and your interests. And so begins the Google+ project."
In the real world, we share different things with different people. The basis in the development of Google+ is to make things that happens in the real world, also can be done on the Internet.

Long Journey to Google+

Google had launched many different products and services to play in the arena of social media. But according to internet history, Google is not capable in attracting more users to their social mediaservices, let alone make them move away from big players like Facebook and Twitter.
But Google doesn't give up even though some of their social media services were forced to be closed in less than a year from launch date because of lack of members and visitors. Among them are OpenSocial (2007), Lively (2008), Wave (2009) and Buzz (2010).
Google wants to create the next big social network with a variety of interesting features that not owned by any existing social media services. They hopes to attract interest, even convincing most users of big social network like Facebook and Twitter that Google+ is better in term of easiness, services and features.

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7 Secure Ways To Perform Online Banking Transactions

Online Banking - With the more advanced technology and fast communications, make people become increasingly busy and has a little time to do many things.

Hence, there is a need for customers to conduct quick banking transactions that easily accessible anywhere. For most banks, the online banking feature is a mandatory feature that must be owned.

From the bank side, they should prepare a good security system before release the features of online banking services to it's customers.

As customers, you also must always be vigilant and cautious anytime you are accessing and performing online banking transactions.

Secure Ways To Perform Online Banking

1. Do Not Use Public Computer

Never access or log into your bank account with a public PC or PC owned by others. Internet cafe, library and computers in school or college categorized as public PCs that used by many people. I recommend you to use your own computer and never use your friend's computer to perform online banking transaction.

Why? Because you will never know whether the computers are safe from virus, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, and other malware that can steal all your data anytime, including user id and password.

2. Checking Accounts Routinely

Check your bank account online transaction history regularly. This is to ensure that no fraud activity or suspicious transactions in your account transaction history performed by someone other than you.

If there is, then you must immediately report the transaction to the bank for reversal and investigation.

3. Create Strong Password

Always use passwords or PINs that are difficult to guess. Strong passwords are passwords which consisting of a combination of uppercase, lowercase and numbers. Also, never use your birth date or spouse as a password.

4. Never Give Your Sensitive Data To Others

Never tell the user id and password to anyone, including to the bank, the police or your family. The bank will probably ask you some personal information such as date of birth, telephone number and mother's maiden name to verify your account.

But the bank will never ask for your password or PIN. If anyone ask for your password, then there is most likely that the person is a fraudster who tried to hijack your account by pretending to be claimed from the bank or the police.

5. Use and Update Your Antivirus and Antispyware

Computer that used to access your bank account online must also safe from viruses and other malware by using reputable anti virus and anti spyware. Because this application will protect you while you are surfing the internet.

Remember to update your ant ivirus and anti spyware every day.

6. Collect Evidence of Online Transactions

This may not be a matter to you, but you should gather evidence of your online banking transactions in a folder. Evidence of this transaction will be used to verify if there is a suspicious transaction on your account or if your account was hijacked by hackers and bank require some evidences that you are the real owner of the account.

7. Be Careful With Money Laundering

Avoid using your personal account for business transactions that involve other people's money in large amount. Because this activity can be considered as money laundering and you can be given sanction by law if proven engaged.


Banks should be fully responsible to provide the online banking facilities that comfortable and safe for customers. But as a customer, you also should always be careful and follow the 7 tips above to avoid fraud, account hijacking, and any unauthorized transactions when you conduct online banking transactions.

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