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Know about Aditi Padhi With over 8 years experience in several international design and multi-disciplinary firms with projects spread across China, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka and India, Aditi have been associated with innovative projects related to architecture, interior Design, multi-modal transit facilities, landscape design, master planning, bridges, highways & expressways, infrastructure facilities, and plant design. Project participation has progressed from team member to Project Architect- for projects of upto 10,000sqft. She has contributed widely to presentations, design competitions, tender and construction drawings, feasibility studies, capability statements and expression of interests. She is pursuing her Masters In Architecture- from Tulane University working towards City building efforts after Hurricane Katrina. She is also is currently contributing to research in environmental design Aditi sees her work as an extension of herself and a calling that fuels her passion for the craft and to enhance her ability to contribute to transforming the world as only architects can. She hopes to add to the cultural mosaic by bringing in the knowledge of American Architects to India and vice versa, so that she may continue some day to create iconic buildings and infrastructure. Aditi designs with the people of future generations in mind. She designs with sensitivity to how the space impacts people, as well as how the building’s construction will affect the delicate world that surrounds it. Visit Website @ Architect Aditi Padhi

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one of Latest Web Project

Hey checkout our Latest project @ www.architect.aditipadhi.com
Pls give ur feedback and suggestion....

Summery about Ar. Aditi Padhi's Project

An Architect with experience in several international design-build and multi-disciplinary firms Aditi hails from Orissa – the temple state of India. She has worked in India and Singapore on projects in not only India and Singapore but also UAE, China, Malaysia, SriLanka and was associated with innovative projects related to Architecture, Transport facilities, Public sector projects, Interior Design and exposed to city building & Landscape Design, Master Planning, Bridges, Highways & Expressways, Traffic and Transportation, Infrastructure Development, and Industrial and Plant Design projects. Project participation has progressed from senior team member to Project Architect-in-charge, she has a plethora of experiences in design competitions, working and construction drawings and tendering, feasibility studies, master-plan proposals, capability statements and expression of interests. She is continuing her work with her Masters In Architecture- from Tulane University and their City building efforts after Hurricane Katrina.
Aditi Padhi:

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Career and Salary Outlook IN DESIGN FIELDS

Design has taken its place as a serious career option with growing career opportunities and strong salaries. For further proof, review the career opportunity and average salary in graphic design statistics below. Then be sure to browse through the current job listings for opportunities in your area.
Ric Grefe, Executive Director of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), sums up how to progress in the design industry, "The way for individual designers to increase their value and compensation is through consistent training and professional development." (Source: AIGA 2010 Salary Survey)

Sessions College prepares professional designers to further their current careers, and prepares new designers for work in the design profession. Working in design is like no other industry. Design work is not rote, routine, nor predictable. It is always changing, challenging, energizing, and fun. A designer's professional life can bring both stability and a sense of adventure. Ninety-one percent of Sessions College students state that Sessions College has been central to achieving their professional design career objectives. (Source: Assessment of Sessions Online Student Outcomes, Eduventures, May 2008)

What follows are statistics most relevant to those seeking full-time or freelance employment in design fields. Sources are noted throughout and listed in more detail at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to visit the sources for further exploration of the opportunities available, and to look into certificate programs and degree programs that can help you build your career and your salary.
·         According to the American Institute of Graphic Arts, solo designers who freelanced or worked under contract to another company reported median earnings of $56,000 in 2010 (Source: AIGA 2010 Salary Survey)

·         The median salary for entry level designers has been increasing since 2004 and is now at a strong $37,500
·         The median salary for Web developers (front end/interface systems) in 2010 was $58,500—an increase of over 6% since 2009! (Source: AIGA 2010 Salary Survey)

·         The median salary for creative directors in 2010 was $100,000—an increase of almost 3% since 2009! (Source: AIGA 2010 Salary Survey)

·         Employment of graphic designers is expected to grow 13 percent from 2008 to 2018 as demand for graphic design continues to increase from advertisers and computer design firms (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

·         Employment opportunities for Web designers, visual designers, and Flash designers grew by approximately 110%, 160%, and 145% respectively from January of 2005 to December of 2010 according to job listings portal site Indeed.com (Source: Indeed.com)

·         Median annual wages for graphic designers were $42,400 in May 2008. The middle 50% earned between $32,600 and $56,620 and the highest 10% earned more than $74,660 (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition)

·         Most employers prefer to hire experienced desktop publishers; among individuals without experience, opportunities should be best for those with certificates or degrees in desktop publishing or graphic design (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition)
·         91% of Sessions Online students state that Sessions Online has been central to achieving their professional design career objectives (Source: Assessment of Sessions Online Student Outcomes, Eduventures, May 2008)

·         75% of Sessions Online students reported higher income after attending the Sessions and 70% credit Sessions with the increase in income (Source: Assessment of Sessions Online Student Outcomes, Eduventures, May 2008)

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Web Warehouse(www.designmywebsite.in) | Facebook

Web Warehouse(www.designmywebsite.in) | Facebook:

A website is essential if you want to achieve the following: >> You want your potential customers to be able to find you whenever its most convenient for them >> You want twenty-four hour marketing via placement in search engines

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5 Easy Tips To Stop Facebook Spam Up To 70%

Facebook is still one of the main targets of spammers, scammers, and cyber criminals to find and fool people.
Average Internet users are still have no idea and have no knowledge of the risk of using social media sites like Facebook. So, if you are not careful enough, you could be the next victim of spam messages, threats messages, deception and bullying.
Bad things that can happen in the real world, also can occur in the cyber world.
It is even more egregious, because the Internet nature that is public and any information can be known by many people in a short time.

Easy Tips To Stop Facebook Spam

Here are 5 tips for you to avoid and reduce / stop Facebook spam

1. Never Write / Show Your Email Address and Phone Number

Never write / show your personal email address and phone number on your Facebook profile. I recommend you to create a special email for business purpose that is separate from your personal email and you can write it on Facebook
The same thing applied to your phone number. You should get a phone number for business purpose that separate from your personal number. But if you only have 1 email and 1 phone number, then I suggest you to NOT write them up.

2. Never Play Any Games With Your Primary Account

Do you play games on Facebook? Yes, I am too. But the more games you are playing, then the more spam from these games are adorning your wall and your message.
In the beginning when you play games, you probably will not feel disturbed for the game's posts and invites that appears in your profile and news feeds. But over time, it would be very annoying and also damaging the look of your profile and news feed. Why? Because these games applications can perform dozens of wall posts and news feed updates per day.
       Can you imagine if your friend or family or even your boss saw your profile with full of games posts?
Therefore, I suggest you to create another Facebook account with another email address that is separate from your personal one if you want to play some games on Facebook.
Just create a new email in Yahoo or Gmail and register new account on Facebook with that email address. So the spam from games is only on your game account, not on your personal account.

3. Never Confirm Any Suspicious Friend Request

Got many friend requests and about to confirm all? For the known friends, it's ok. But if you don't know the person, do not confirm them yet. I suggest you to view their profile first and do not confirm (or rather choose ignore) if there are any of 2 things below on their account :
- Photo of sexy woman in the profile picture.
Did you know that it is easy for the spammers, scammers and cyber criminals to create dozens of Facebook accounts with photos of sexy women or pictures of women with underwear as bait, so you confirm their friend request?
- Little to no information on their profile
Have you ever seen a Facebook profile which only contains "Interested In", "Sex", and "Relationship Status" before you confirm them as your friend?
Well, with profile like this, there is a chance that they are spammer. You might want to confirm the friend request to see their full info. If you still see the same or no additional info on the profile, just click "Unfriend" at the bottom of left sidebar to prevent any unwanted things.

4. Change Your Privacy Settings

If you have not ever change it, I suggest you to do it immediately, so you can control what and who can access certain information. This is how to change Facebook privacy setting

5. Leave Any Groups, Remove Any Apps, and Unlike Any Fan Page That Send You Spam.

If you get a lot of spam on the wall and / or in inbox, investigate whether the spam is from groups, fan pages or apps. If a group or a fan page send messages or did many wall posts that do not fit with the topic (ie: fan page about wedding, but you are sent a message about the MLM), then most likely it's a spammer.
Leave any groups, remove any apps, and unlike any fan page that send you spam.
1. Go to Account - Privacy Settings.
At the bottom left there's section named "Apps and Websites". Click "Edit your Settings", then click "Edit Settings" under the "Apps you use." Remove anything that you think spammy.
If this is your main account, then you might want to consider remove any games that send you a lot of spam. But it's should be better to remove all games in your main account and do tips #2 above.
2. Go to Account - Edit Friends and leave any group that send you spam.
3. Finally, go to your profile and look at "Activities and Interests" section. Review all things in there. All fan page you like is in "Other". So if you think there is any spammy fan page, then just unlike it.


You may be asked whether the above 5 tips to stop Facebook spam are effective? Well, it is certain that the 5 tips above at most can reduce Facebook spam on your main account up to 70%. But spam is always there and it's almost impossible to eliminate them 100%.
Well if you know any other ways, please drop your comment below and I will add / update my tips and give you a credit. Thank you 5 Easy Tips To Stop Facebook Spam Up To 70% | icon smile picture

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Google+ Ready To Beat Facebook In ​​Social Network Duel

Google+ seems to be Google's last attempt to keep 'playing' in the arena of social media.
Google+ has not officially released to the public, but in early of July 2011, the Internet giant was giving very limited invitations to a number of people to sign up as beta tester, try it out, and give some feedback.
As we already know too that if Google release a new product or new service, then it will be integrated with Google's  several other products and services.
Similarly, Google+ is said to be integrated with hundreds of Google's other products and services on the internet.

Friends of Zuckerberg on Google+ are mostly Facebook employees. Among these are Facebook CTO Arjun Banker and Facebook product manager Justin Shaffer.
By looking at the photo on his profile, Zuckerberg looks grim. Does he really felt that Google+ is a threat to Facebook?

Share Different Stuff To Different People

According to Vic Gundotra, Google's Senior Vice President of Social, social media services on the internet is still far from people's expectation, especially the concept of sharing, as quoted from his posting on Google's official blog,
"Today, the connections between people increasingly happen online. Yet the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions are lost in the rigidness of our online tools."
"We’d like to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. We want to make Google better by including you, your relationships, and your interests. And so begins the Google+ project."
In the real world, we share different things with different people. The basis in the development of Google+ is to make things that happens in the real world, also can be done on the Internet.

Long Journey to Google+

Google had launched many different products and services to play in the arena of social media. But according to internet history, Google is not capable in attracting more users to their social mediaservices, let alone make them move away from big players like Facebook and Twitter.
But Google doesn't give up even though some of their social media services were forced to be closed in less than a year from launch date because of lack of members and visitors. Among them are OpenSocial (2007), Lively (2008), Wave (2009) and Buzz (2010).
Google wants to create the next big social network with a variety of interesting features that not owned by any existing social media services. They hopes to attract interest, even convincing most users of big social network like Facebook and Twitter that Google+ is better in term of easiness, services and features.

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7 Secure Ways To Perform Online Banking Transactions

Online Banking - With the more advanced technology and fast communications, make people become increasingly busy and has a little time to do many things.

Hence, there is a need for customers to conduct quick banking transactions that easily accessible anywhere. For most banks, the online banking feature is a mandatory feature that must be owned.

From the bank side, they should prepare a good security system before release the features of online banking services to it's customers.

As customers, you also must always be vigilant and cautious anytime you are accessing and performing online banking transactions.

Secure Ways To Perform Online Banking

1. Do Not Use Public Computer

Never access or log into your bank account with a public PC or PC owned by others. Internet cafe, library and computers in school or college categorized as public PCs that used by many people. I recommend you to use your own computer and never use your friend's computer to perform online banking transaction.

Why? Because you will never know whether the computers are safe from virus, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, and other malware that can steal all your data anytime, including user id and password.

2. Checking Accounts Routinely

Check your bank account online transaction history regularly. This is to ensure that no fraud activity or suspicious transactions in your account transaction history performed by someone other than you.

If there is, then you must immediately report the transaction to the bank for reversal and investigation.

3. Create Strong Password

Always use passwords or PINs that are difficult to guess. Strong passwords are passwords which consisting of a combination of uppercase, lowercase and numbers. Also, never use your birth date or spouse as a password.

4. Never Give Your Sensitive Data To Others

Never tell the user id and password to anyone, including to the bank, the police or your family. The bank will probably ask you some personal information such as date of birth, telephone number and mother's maiden name to verify your account.

But the bank will never ask for your password or PIN. If anyone ask for your password, then there is most likely that the person is a fraudster who tried to hijack your account by pretending to be claimed from the bank or the police.

5. Use and Update Your Antivirus and Antispyware

Computer that used to access your bank account online must also safe from viruses and other malware by using reputable anti virus and anti spyware. Because this application will protect you while you are surfing the internet.

Remember to update your ant ivirus and anti spyware every day.

6. Collect Evidence of Online Transactions

This may not be a matter to you, but you should gather evidence of your online banking transactions in a folder. Evidence of this transaction will be used to verify if there is a suspicious transaction on your account or if your account was hijacked by hackers and bank require some evidences that you are the real owner of the account.

7. Be Careful With Money Laundering

Avoid using your personal account for business transactions that involve other people's money in large amount. Because this activity can be considered as money laundering and you can be given sanction by law if proven engaged.


Banks should be fully responsible to provide the online banking facilities that comfortable and safe for customers. But as a customer, you also should always be careful and follow the 7 tips above to avoid fraud, account hijacking, and any unauthorized transactions when you conduct online banking transactions.

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Google+ buys online groups startup Fridge

SAN FRANCISCO: Online groups startup Fridge said that it has been bought by Google+ and will become part of the Internet giant's freshly-launched social network.

New York city-based Fridge is closing and its small staff will become part of the Google+ team, the startup said in a post at its website.

"We look forward to continuing the vision of creating fresh and exciting social group experiences for users across the Web," the Fridge message read.

"We strongly believe in the group social experience and couldn't think of a better place to realize our vision" than at the Google+ Project.

More than 20,000 groups had reportedly been formed at Fridge for sharing pictures, opinions, videos and more. The website boasted more than 40,000 users monthly.

"The Fridge team shares our vision of bringing the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the web, and we're excited that they'll be joining Google," a spokesperson for the California company said in response to an AFP inquiry.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Google+, a rival to Facebook , launched on June 28 and has been a hit despite the fact that membership is invitation-only while the service remains in a test phase.

Google chief Larry Page said last week that the Google+ social network already has more than 10 million members.

The service allows users to separate online friends and family into different "circles," or networks, and to share information only with members of a particular circle.

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Twitter may buy employee stock with funding

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter Inc is close to raising $800 million in funding and will use half the money to buy back shares from its employees and backers, according to a person with knowledge of the plan.

The investment, which values Twitter at $8 billion, may be completed in the next two weeks, said the person, who asked not to be named because the funding hasn't been made public.

The deal would give Twitter's about 600 workers the chance to capitalize on their shares through private investors, rather than having to wait for an initial public offering. The company has remained on the sidelines during this year's resurgence in dot-com IPOs.

LinkedIn Corp, a professional-networking site, went public in May. Since then, Pandora Media Inc held an IPO, and Groupon Inc. and Zynga Inc. have both filed for their own offerings.

Twitter's worth has more than doubled since December, when it received a $200 million investment led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers that gave it a $3.7 billion valuation. It was pegged at about $1 billion in 2009, a person familiar with the matter said at the time. SharesPost Inc., an exchange for shares of closely held companies, has assessed Twitter's current worth at $7 billion.

Investors are enticed by the popularity of Twitter's service, which lets users share 140-character messages. Its members include celebrities, executives and President Barack Obama, who together send more than 200 million messages a day. The company is working to make money from those users by selling advertising.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

G Data launches new product generation suit in Indian market

G Data Software AG , Bochum-based leading German Company and Internet security specialist unveiled its New Product Generation suit for the Indian market. The company has become the first internet security specialist in India to launch 2012 version by introducing G Data Anti Virus Business software product for the SME segment and 2012 version of its product - G Data Internet security 2012 and G Data Total Care 2012 for the end users. The antivirus products of the company will be jointly distributed by ACI TechServ, which is a certified national and SAARC regional distributor for G Data products and Technocrat Infotech, National Distributor for G Data.

G Data Antivirus Business product, an SME focused virus protection software product will offer centrally managed virus protection. The management server deployed will control all clients' desktops, notebooks and file servers. This technology boasts of Self- learning fingerprinting and white-listing, ensuring no loss of PC performance; latest methods for detecting unknown viruses and a new double-scan technology for top virus detection.

G Data Internet Security, a software product for an end user brings to use a new idle scan feature which scans the system when it is idle thus resulting in optimum utilization of system's uptime efficiently. The product's cloud-based technology analyses all the suspicious files and the silent firewall acts as all-round defence against viruses, worms, spam and hacking - without any loss of performance. The cutting-edge technology methods of detecting unknown viruses and new double-scan technology for top virus detection will be advantageous for the end user to avoid unwanted attention from virus attacks on their desktops, net books and mobile phones while using internet. In addition to G Data Internet security 2012 features, G Data TotalCare 2012 offers an all new-image backup module and security tuning, thus offering a holistic approach towards virus protection for an end user.

Commenting on the new product generation suit, Michael Zimmer , Sales Management, G Data Software AG, said, "With the new generation of business and end users products, G Data is setting the standard in terms of operability and transparency, and we are pleased to partner with ACI TechServ & Techno Crat Infotech to make them available in India for SME segment and end users."

"The new generation products offer a variety of security features enabling small businesses and end users to secure their Desktops, notebooks, mobile phones" Zimmer further added.

"Try first and pay later is our new proposition for G data customers in India. We are confident about the product that is the reason for us to offer 30 days free trial to our resellers who in turn can make the product available to small businesses without any expense. The same offering goes for end users as well," said Mr Alok Gupta, CMD, ACI TechServ Private Limited.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Asif Khan, Director, Technocrat Infotech, Private Limited, said, "We are proud to be the partner of G Data and with our distribution experience in Indian market, we will take G Data at a remarkable position in India."

G Data software 2012 version products have made a big impression at the "Whole Product Dynamic Test" by AV Comparatives in May 2011 and was the best performer. The testers put 15 security solutions under the microscope and tested all integrated security technologies for defending against malware. G Data InternetSecurity 2012 stood out as the best virus hunter with a 99.8 percent detection rate and so proved the high quality of its virus protection technology.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Microsoft's Turner Lauds Partners for Cloud Transition

Microsoft Corp.'s chief operating officer, told partners assembled at the company's annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles last week that in crafting its cloud computing strategy, the vendor counted on its "partner ecosystem to come with us to the cloud because the cloud was how we were going to re-pivot ourselves."

Turner reminded partners of his remarks at last year's conference when he said that Microsoft had "to find a way to bet our business on cloud services and making this transition to the cloud."

His point, of course, was that in the past year the vendor had gone full bore to the cloud with public and private cloud products--namely Office 365, SQL Azure, Windows Azure, Windows Intune, Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint Server, Lync Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Server--and wanted most of its partners to follow suit by transitioning their business models in the same direction.

"We still have this big, audacious goal of having a continuous cloud service for every person in every business around the world," he said.

In praising the work of the vendor's product development teams, Turner told partners that "many, many of you in this audience made the jump to come to the cloud with us this past year. And many others are making the transition and making the leap to come to the cloud with us this next year."

As evidence, Turner offered that to date Microsoft has trained some 42,000 partners on Office 365, 30,000 on Windows Azure and 12,000 on Windows Intune, although from his public remarks it was unclear how much overlap resides in those figures.

Still, with its claim of some 650,000 partners under its PartnerNetwork umbrella, Turner acknowledged that Microsoft has some ground to travel before the lion's share of its partners embrace the cloud.

"I want the other 600K partners to get on board," he said.

Turner told partners that the vendor now will turn its attention to the private cloud.

"The focus on FY 12 is about the acceleration of the private cloud," he said. "We've got great momentum with our public cloud, now we're going to get straight away after the private cloud."

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google, This Is Why You're Under Investigation

It’s hardly a secret that most big businesses hate regulators—who are often seen as cartoonish villains, meddling in the affairs of others to satisfy their own (bureaucratic) agendas rather than serve the interests of ordinary people.

Sometimes that’s accurate, though not always. Take the decision last year by European officials to launch an antitrust investigation into Google. It was met with howls of derision by those who felt it was sour grapes from competitors (including Microsoft) or simply a misguided attack on a hugely successful foreign company. Those concerns were exacerbated even further last month when the U.S. Federal Trade Commission decided to start its own inquiry, with a confidence no doubt spurred by Europe’s actions.

It’s easy to dismiss the claims against Google as carping by rivals. But for anyone who thinks the EU investigation isn’t warranted, here are a couple of data points worth thinking about.

First, figures from Hitwise suggest Google now accounts for 92 percent of all search traffic in the U.K. That’s an all-time high for the company, signifying complete domination of the market. The figure is actually higher in some other European countries, and it’s significantly more than its North American market share. Google dominates the European market to a degree far greater than its successes at home.

Elsewhere, it emerged over the weekend that the Belgian newspapers locked in a dispute with Google were back in conflict again. A consortium known as Copiepresse famously filed a lawsuit against the company in 2006, claiming Google News should not excerpt their articles without permission or payment. The news group won the case, eventually, but it was pretty acrimonious. Now, however, it appears Google is playing hardball again, saying in order to comply with the court’s wishes it has to remove Copiepresse entirely from its index.

So that’s erasing Copiepresse not just from News, but also from the main Google search engine, too.

Google spokesman William Echikson said the court decision applied to Web search as well as Google News, and the company faced fines of 25,000 euros ($35,359) per infringement if it allowed the newspapers’ websites to keep appearing.

"We regret having to do so," Echikson said. "We would be happy to reinclude Copiepresse if they would indicate their desire to appear in Google Search and waive the potential penalties."

Copiepresse argues that Google’s view is a willful misreading of the court’s decision and that Copiepresse is being punished by Google for standing up to it. Whatever the case, it’s yet another mess caused by Google’s power.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that it’s entirely possible to become totally dominant in a market by simply being better than anyone else. But it’s also worth saying that being investigated by regulators doesn’t mean the same as being found guilty by them. When it comes to government regulators getting involved in technology businesses, though, the question is not whether it’s possible to control a market—but whether it’s healthy. That is less obvious, and therefore why an investigation on both sides of the Atlantic may be necessary.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dell Aims to Ease SMB Asset Management, License Compliance

Dell believes that managing hardware assets and software license compliance is a significant pain point in small business IT, and on Thursday it launched a new appliance, the Dell Kace M300 Asset Management Appliance, intended to soothe that pain.

"What really sets the M300 apart from anything on the market today is its simplicity -- both in terms of ease of use and deployment," said Rob Meinhardt, general manager of Dell Kace (NASDAQ:DELL).

"This new appliance is a true plug-and-play solution that virtually eliminates the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of software and hardware inventory management. The ability to be up and running in less than five minutes -- even for a novice IT professional -- is just the beginning," Meinhardt said. "An intuitive user interface allows IT administrators to streamline IT procedures with just a few points and clicks of a mouse. In this way, the M300 offers a complete systems management solution right out of the box setting a new standard in convenience."

Dell Kace, formerly Kace Networks, was acquired by Dell in February 2010. It is best known for its K-series of appliances for systems management and managing software deployment at mid-sized businesses and enterprises with hundreds to thousands of PCs and servers.

While Marty Kacin, Kace cofounder and vice president of software engineering for Dell Kace, says that business has quadrupled under the Dell umbrella, the M300 is a sign that Dell sees huge potential in the small business market. In fact, the Dell Kace product group has found its home in the Consumer and SMB (CSMB) division at Dell.

"Getting IT costs under control is one of the biggest challenges facing small and medium businesses," Kacin said. "Dell Kace sees an incredible opportunity in the often overlooked and underserviced SMB market. That’s why we’re launching the Dell Kace M300 Asset Management Appliance." Kacin added that this will be the first time that companies with up to 200 employees will have a simple, cost-effective way to manage routine IT chores such as hardware and software inventory, software license compliance and asset tracking and management.

Dell Kace designed the M300 specifically for small businesses, and Kacin said that, for about the price of a laptop computer, IT administrators can now see the state of their computers, servers and peripheral equipment.

The appliance supports up to 200 devices or nodes. Kacin noted that future products in the line might include M-series units dedicated to providing help-desk or security functions to small business. Each function will likely be represented by a discrete M-series unit, allowing small business IT managers to select exactly the functionality they need without paying for functionality they don't need.

The M300 is a box about the size of a router that boasts 16GB of solid-state drive storage, a gigabit Ethernet port, two USB ports and an ARM processor. It runs cool, only drawing about 15 watts, so it doesn't require a fan making it quiet enough to sit unobtrusively on your desk.

The appliance runs on Linux, but currently only supports Windows, Kacin said. It has the capability to support Mac environments, but Kacin noted that Dell is currently deciding whether to offer Mac support through the M300 or as a separate M301 offering.

M300 Asset Management Appliance Features

Device discovery and inventory for real-time assessment of hardware and software on all devices connected to the network
Compliance assessment that gives small business IT administrators the ability to manage multiple software titles with various licensing structures and reconcile software installations with license ownership
Patch inventory that tracks installed security updates and Windows service packs on computers connected to the network
Dell warranty integration that automatically retrieves warranty information for managed Dell computers and alerts administrators of pending expirations
Alerts and notifications of PC inventory and software license compliance issues and the automatic creation of a "to-do" list for achieving compliance
Dashboards that display network activity including recent changes and outstanding tasks
Plug-and-play deployment that allows the appliance to immediately begin providing hardware and software inventories
A Web-based user interface accessible from any desktop, laptop or mobile device
"With the M300, even an overloaded IT generalist can be up and running in less than five minutes, and that’s just the beginning," Kacin said. "An intuitive user interface allows IT administrators to streamline IT procedures with just a few points and clicks of a mouse."

The appliance is available for $2,498.

Thor Olavsrud is a contributor to SmallBusinessComputing.com and a former senior editor at InternetNews.com. He covers operating systems, standards and security, among other technologies.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Java 7 Release Nears

After years of development, delays and ownership changes, Java is ready for its next major release.

The first release candidate for Java 7 was released this week, with general availability expected by the end of the month. In order to help celebrate the launch of Java 7, Oracle hosted a global event on Thursday highlighting the key features of the new language release. It's a release that brings Oracle together with rivals IBM and HP to evolve what has become the most influential programming language for enterprise application deployments.

"Probably the most significant thing is the fact that we're finally shipping it," Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java platform group at Oracle said. "It has been almost five years now and for various political and business reasons this release has taken some time."

Reinhold noted that after the transition from Sun, Oracle has brought new focus and energy to the release. Oracle acquired Sun in 2010 for $7.4 billion.

In terms of new features, Reinhold noted that Java 7 is an evolutionary release rather than a revolutionary release, as has been the case with some past Java releases.

"There are significant improvements, but nothing really Earth-shattering," Reinhold said.

That said, Reinhold noted that JSR-203 defines new I/O APIs and is particularly interesting to him.

"We finally have a real filesystem API that lets you do things like manipulate symbolic links and access filesystem specific operations when you need to do that," Reinhold said.
Reinhold also highlighted the fork/join framework as being a key new feature for Java 7. He described fork/join as being the first step toward really enabling Java for multicore applications. According to Reinhold, fork/join is one of many ways to deal with expressing parallel computations in a way that will scale well to an arbitrary number of processor cores.

Aside from the code improvements, Reinhold also noted that there has been improvement in the Java development process as well.

"This is the first release where most of the development was done in the open with OpenJDK," Reinhold said. "It's true the development process has not been as transparent as we would have liked, but we're improving that."

One of the other key areas of improvement is in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which is now moving in its own direction to support more than just Java.

"For the first time in Java 7, we're starting to see the Java Virtual Machine really chart its own course," Oracle Java engineer Alex Buckley said. "Features are being added to the JVM that are beyond the capabilities of the core Java programming language."

Buckley noted that those 'other' features are there to help implementers of other languages that want to run on top of the JVM.

The other notable fact about Java 7 is that it is a collaborative effort that involves vendors that otherwise are fierce competitors. Oracle has no love lost for IBM or HP and competes aggressively with both vendors in multiple markets, yet on Java they all collaborate.

"Yes we're absolutely fierce competitors," Trent Gray-Donald, IBM Java 7 technical lead said. "But it turns out that we can collaborate."

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