Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Know about Aditi Padhi With over 8 years experience in several international design and multi-disciplinary firms with projects spread across China, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka and India, Aditi have been associated with innovative projects related to architecture, interior Design, multi-modal transit facilities, landscape design, master planning, bridges, highways & expressways, infrastructure facilities, and plant design. Project participation has progressed from team member to Project Architect- for projects of upto 10,000sqft. She has contributed widely to presentations, design competitions, tender and construction drawings, feasibility studies, capability statements and expression of interests. She is pursuing her Masters In Architecture- from Tulane University working towards City building efforts after Hurricane Katrina. She is also is currently contributing to research in environmental design Aditi sees her work as an extension of herself and a calling that fuels her passion for the craft and to enhance her ability to contribute to transforming the world as only architects can. She hopes to add to the cultural mosaic by bringing in the knowledge of American Architects to India and vice versa, so that she may continue some day to create iconic buildings and infrastructure. Aditi designs with the people of future generations in mind. She designs with sensitivity to how the space impacts people, as well as how the building’s construction will affect the delicate world that surrounds it. Visit Website @ Architect Aditi Padhi

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